WtNV addressed what happened in the last episode with the carnival a lot quicker than I expected. 

"Listeners, I do not know everything about Carlos, and he does not tell me everything. That is okay. We are not one person. How lonely that would be; a couple who has made themselves one so completely that they are once again alone. We are two people, separate, unique, and joined only where we choose to join. I don’t know what is his affiliation truly to the University of What It Is, perhaps I will never know. But I can know about the taste of food he has made me, or the feeling of his hand in mine, or the absence of his hand not in mine. I can feel the distance between us and I can know that that distance, viewed properly, is no distance at all."

Cecil showing how its okay to have secrets (via genuinedeadpool)



Eating Fire | Margaret Atwood


prayer circle that berens writes claire novak tbqh because i do not trust anyone else with her and cas

"Rachel: What’s the word on any female characters on Supernatural this season?
While females generally don’t have the longest life span on this CW fan-favorite series, the show is currently casting the role of Claire Novak, a 17-year-old tough, angry teenager described as “punk-rock-pretty.” Claire is sarcastic, smart and defiant because of her rough past: she has bounced from foster home to foster home since the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother (we’re guessing from supernatural forces?). Even though Claire is always in trouble, underneath it all she has a big heart. Let’s hope that heart makes her a survivor!"

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Hey I was wondering why you're tagging claire novak with 's10 spoilers'. What did I miss? Will she be in it? Where do they say that? (Your blog is fucking brilliant btw :D)


Hi nonnie! :)) Yes. They are currently in the works trying to cast a young actress to play Claire Novak!! Eeeee! So, we’ll be seeing her in season 10!! Here’s the info. You can scroll all the way at the bottom of the article to read it. ;))


Aww. Thank you bb. <333


(also, that is in no way a valid contract. you need to know what you’re signing.)

This is SO gross